Teaching Children to Ride a Bike

With all the choices available for balance bikes you may not know which one to choose. There is one common goal between all the different styles and brand and that is to teach your child balance. These learning bikes do not work the same way normal bikes do as they do not have pedal or chains. The bike is simply propelled by your child walking, running or gliding. Once your child’s balance improves they will be able to glide the bike down hills and across flat areas with only a slight push with their legs. Gliding and a sense of balance allows for your child to transition to a pedal bike when he or she is ready.

With so many choices you will want to pick a balance bike that best suits your child. The rest of this article explains more criteria that you should take into account when selecting a no-pedal bike. Balance bikes can be chosen by considering the available styles and the age of your child. Strider and Glide bikes are two manufacturers to consider if you are wanting to purchase a metal bike.

Both of these models have similar heights from seat to floor. The handle bars are low as well, which allows younger children to hold on easier. Strider and Glide Bikes are great options to consider for children starting from 2-3 years of age. These bikes are built to last and will grow with your child. Once your child is around 4 years old they are ready to try a bike with petals and no training wheels.

Easy Rider makes great wooden bike for younger children. With a large range of bikes for all ages Easy Rider is a fantastic pick. You can start a child as young as 12 months up to the age of 5. Smart Gear Classic is another great pick if you are looking for a wooden bike. Looking for a larger seat range, Smart Gear no-pedal bikes have a range from 15 inches going up to 19.5 inches. If your preschooler is not super tall yet, or is your toddler is really tall, these balance bikes are a great fit in both cases.

If you child is at least 45 inches tall, then moving to a Go Glider bike by Glides Bikes may be the best option for you. It is important to remember you don’t want to purchase a bike that is too big hoping your child will grow into it. If the bike is too big your child may not be able to handle it or ride it immediately.

The most important thing to remember when sizing a no-pedal bike is your child’s inseam has to be long enough from the starting end of the bike. Look at your child’s inseam size range and this will allow you to pick the perfect sized bike. Most manufacturers build their bikes to fit an average sized 3 year old.