Custom Lowrider Bike

How To Build an Outstanding Custom Lowrider Bike

To build an outstanding custom lowrider bike it takes brilliance, boldness and bravery! Being exceptional in just about anything in life tends to require certain characteristics. Building awesome lowrider bikes is no different. With this artistic medium, the truly exceptional artists must have brilliance, boldness and bravery.

When I talk about brilliance, I don’t mean that the artist lights up the room when he or she walks in. Although this is often the case. What I mean is that the artist has masses of creativity to unleash on his lowrider bike projects. This characteristic is essential in order for the artist to truly excel in his medium. If he didn’t have this quality, then his lowrider bike projects would look like any of hundreds of others that can be found on the streets. You see, what the artist aims to do is to mesmerize his audience so that they can’t help but stand rooted to where they are and look at this creation. He is like a magician who does the unexpected and thus instills a degree of awe in his audience.

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But creativity alone will not be sufficient for success. The lowrider bike artist must also be bold in his work. This means that he creates lowrider bikes that may not be accepted by the masses. Maybe the design is too out there to be approved by the crowds. Maybe its just that the design is beyond the comfort zone of most people. While this may be true, it is only by being bold that the lowrider bike creator will truly come out with something that is outstanding and that will be remembered.

At first glance, bravery doesn’t seem like a characteristic that should be a part of the personality of a lowrider bike designer. But bravery is needed in order to take the chances that will bring success. In order to be successful the designer must risk the disapproval of his peers in order to come up with something truly great. Disapproval can be the enemy of many would be designers. By holding back out of fear of being disapproved of, the designer will only be quashing his creativity and his work.

When you have a chance, go to some of the shows where you can see lowrider bikes and the people who build them. See if you can pick out the people who are brilliant, bold and brave.. You’ll likely see it in spades. The shows are a place where people can shatter the conventions and show off themes that indicate who they are and what they believe in. You’ll see themes that run the gamut. You’ll see everything from power ranger themes, to favorite legends, to spicy hot women. Anything goes when it comes to developing a lowrider bike that will stop and turn heads.

Keep in mind that these characteristics are not developed overnight.. In fact, they may never be completely developed for many a lowrider bike builder. But a new designer can improve the overall quality of their lowrider bikes by keeping these ideas in mind. One last thing. If you wish to get into the lowrider bike world, the number one thing to remember when you are building lowrider bike is to have fun. If you aren’t having fun doing something… you should probably be doing something else.