Teaching Children to Ride a Bike

With all the choices available for balance bikes you may not know which one to choose. There is one common goal between all the different styles and brand and that is to teach your child balance. These learning bikes do not work the same way normal bikes do as they do not have pedal or […]

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Get Your Child Learning Bike Safety Early

If you feel your child is ready, don’t hesitate to begin lessons on bicycle safety. Every year there are more than 200 bike related deaths involving kids under 15. Over 300,000 kids per year are treated for a bike related injury at an hospital or emergency care center with over 8,000 needing hospitalization. It’s believed […]

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What To Learn To Become An Expert Bike Mechanic

People are now seeing the role of bikes in creating a greener world. People who wants to travel short and long distances can now travel using bikes because major cities are installing bike roads. Bike mechanics are in demand again because of the increase in the use of bikes. If you want to be an […]

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Balance Bikes for Kids

Balance bikes were originally a type of classical bicycle but have recently seen a resurgence as a means to teach children how to ride a bike. They are now more associated with young children’s learning bikes. Balance bikes were seen as an ideal way of getting young children into riding their first bike after major […]

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